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I have applied for a HELOC. I get a pushy loan officer assigned to my loan approval who keeps telling my I have to get a in home appraisal done. Of course he doesn't know that I have worked for a similar credit union and know that I can get an exterior appraisal done. After explaining this to him for 10 minutes he finally says "well you can get a drive by appraisal done" which I already knew. Then proceeds to tell me he needs to collect the... Read more

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Ive been unable to login to my account mulitple times on my mobile app. Not only have i not been able to access my mobile app ive tried to contact navy federal and no one would answer. This all started when i started to fall behind on one of my car loans.

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This company is not as it state to come work for or to be a member. This is the worse customer service job i have ever worked for and the most degrading job. They say things to pull you in and once in you have some manager that will treat you like *** and want you to kiss there *** for this job To them you have to choose them over your eduaction and family for them to make thise numbers of adding another member who will only close there account... Read more

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Had an "assistant mortgage officer" call today to ask how my house hunting process was going. I informed her that obviously I wasn't doing well since I submitted a signed purchase agreement on a house almost two weeks prior and all inspection reports and requested forms five days prior and had yet to hear a word from my actual mortgage officer; despite phone calls that went straight to voicemail and a completely futile email. The assistant and I... Read more

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I can not believe that an organization that claims to be there for service members are forcing chipped cards on their customers. I can't believe we are being forced into this scam Read more

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worst experience ever! loan processor was impossible to get ahold of, awful with communicating the process/timeline. the only time she would respond would be when i had my local branch manager contact her manager and then suddenly - voolah! communication. after i gave her grief she started having great communication and it was a total turn around. i had such high hopes. i started this process for refinancing in june and in august she told me i... Read more

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soooo I have been banking with them for almost 10 years. Got a car loan for like 3.5% and in 10 min with the check ready the next morning. I am going through a pre-approval with them....and I have never been so disregarded and flaked on in my life ..... my loan officer Daniela, has been lackluster and a script/prompt reader "it's the process" but why Daniela I ask.... "NFCU is different from other banks WEHAVEAPROCESS" to say the least I am... Read more

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Very inconsistent in loan decisions.Was turned down for auto even though I paid NFCU on or before date required.I went to USAA for that car loan and was approved in a matter of minutes with no money down AND they over nighted the check to me via FED EX.Had a car that was financed with NFCU and it was in car accident and declared a total wreck.Insurance company paid NFCU $16238 leaving me with a $4634 balance.I called NFCU and applied for... Read more

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AFTER PAYING ALL NF LOANS and CREDIT CARD ON TIME FOR YEARS... I NEEDED TO TEMP RAISE MY CC LIMIT while waiting for my new job first check from a school dist which like all other school dists only pays monthly... I WAS REFUSED over 5 times and told that it was Federal Laws governing their loan policies... PURE BULL *** ! SO... apparently paying on time counts for nothing with the back room anal boys at NF ! Now, since I was unable to cover my... Read more

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I called in to put a stop payment on a bill pay. Not aware of the time frame it takes for nfcu to actually send the payment, the repeatability representative told me she was going to charge me a $20 stop check fee? I told her that was unacceptable, she then transferred me to her Manager "anthony" who was very rude and extremely unprofessional and told me he was going to stop the payment if i didn't want to pay the fee?? NFCU REFUSED A STOP... Read more

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