I was 16 yoa back in 82. Got a $150 loan from then to build credit.

I had to ahve $300 in my account. I had a job and was working. I missed my first payment because I did not get off work in time for me to be there at 4:00pm. I showed up at 4:05pm.

This is bad, they closed my account and took my $300.

Later in life I joined the Coast Guard and wanted to open up an account.

They said they didnt accept Coast Guard enlisted personnel they only accepted Coast Guard Academy graduates. Now not to intentionaly tick off the Officer Core, but most Officers I have met in all branches of the military wouldnt make it as an enlisted person (Chief) because they are ignorant, promoted beyond their usefulness cant do anything without the enlisted core making them look good and thier stuff dont stink, just the same way NFCU thinks!!!!!!!

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You should have paid the loan back.banks don't close accounts because of one late payment. Why don't you tell the real story.

This was all on you. Own it.


I hope you are no longer in any branch of our military. You certainly could not be trusted with anything more then a mop and bucket.

You obviously did not learn anything from your time in the Navy or Coast Guard.

Most boys become men. What did you become??

to nikalseyn Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #613514

With all due respect, officers make simple *** difficult.

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